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Spice of Life



Please visit my affliate This is just a sample of what they offer.
You will also find big train products,which i believe are the
best frozen coffee mixes you can buy,but don't take my word
for it try it yourself.

Gourmet Coffee Price List of SPICE of LIFE

All Prices are per pound.

"PREMIUM STRAIGHT" (non-flavored)...

Breakfast Blend

100% Arabica blend of the world's finest beans. Smooth and full-bodied.

Reg. 9.25 Decaf. 10.65

Cafe Royal

100% Premium Arabica coffee. Smooth flavor and warm satisfaction.

Reg. 9.45 Decaf 9.95

Cannon's Blend

A blend of Colombian Supremo, Guatemalan and Kona coffees creating a perfect breakfast cup.

Reg. 9.95 Decaf.------

Colombian Supremo

Columbia's finest: rich, satisfying flavor and full-bodied taste.

Reg. 9.45 Decaf. 11.90

Costa Rican Tres Rios

From the "premium" growing regions in Costa Rica. Medium body, delicious mild flavor.

Reg. 9.95 Decaf.------

Chicago Blues Blend

Our exclusive Blues Blend, rich, smooth blend of Sumatra and Columbian, Great!

Reg. 9.75 Decaf. ------

Ethiopian Harrar

Exotic, heavy bodied and distinctively strong, hearty flavor.

Reg. 10.95 Decaf.------

Guatemalan Antigua

High-grown producing a snappy flavor and medium body.

Reg. 9.55 Decaf.------

Kenya Arabica

High-grown with brisk body and distinctively bold, yet smooth taste.

Reg. 10.95 Decaf.------

Mocha Java

World's oldest and most famous blend. Java provides full body and aroma. Mocha adds a rich, smooth


Reg. 10.95 Decaf. 12.50

Our House Blend

A smooth blend of Colombian Supremo and Kenya coffees. Great for breakfast.

Reg. 10.95 Decaf. 12.50

Roastmaster Blend

Full-bodied blend of Hawaiian Kona, Sumatra, Kenya Arabica, and Metro Italian Espresso.

Reg. 14.95 Decaf.------

Royal Hawaiian Kona

The only coffee grown in the United States produces a smooth, nutty taste and exotic aroma.

Reg. 27.95 Decaf.------

Royal Kona Blend

Our famous Hawaiian Kona blended with Colombian and other Central Americans, producing a full, smooth


Reg. 14.95 Decaf. 15.95


One of the most full-bodied coffees: rich, mellow flavor and aroma. Delicious!

Reg. 10.95 Decaf. 12.50

Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend -

Genuine Blue Mountain blended with Colombian & Central Americas, Nutty, rich unique flavor.

Reg. 11.50 Decaf. ------


Big Train Iced Coffee

Spice of Life,